Thursday, January 14, 2016

Martina and Me!

Harley and I had a lot of fun this weekend!

We opened our stockings together. They were full of candies and presents from "Befana". Harley and I decided to eat some.
Next we played piano, but Harley wasn't really an expert at piano, because his hands were too big and he doesn't even have fingers.
Harley and I watched a home made movie, with the new movie theatre book I got from Befana. We read the book while watching some images of the story projected on a wall.
Next we made a paper airplane and pretended we were flying on it, and we pretended we were catching some pretty butterflies.
Also, Harley and I went to the post office. Harley was a bit scared, because some people were staring at him. He thought they were mad at him so he grumbled, but I explained to him that sometimes it seems that people are looking at you but they were just looking at the girl who was putting stamps on letters. So Harley stopped grumbling. That is the end of my weekend.

Thank you for listening.

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